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WesternMall Grind

Not only do we seek elite functional fitness, strength stamina, durability, endurance and mental toughness, but we believe that challenging yourself through physical exercise builds character, self confidence and spiritual strength. These qualities build strong individuals and families and allow you to thrive in every aspect of your life.

We develop champions of all walks of life in elite-level fitness, awareness, durability and longevity. We thrive on cultivating a champion's mindset in our clients, helping them be unbeatable in life. We specialize in developing the whole person: elite athleticism, durability and mental toughness, emotional control and sense development and, perhaps most important, spiritual strength.

This is an ALL Levels class focusing specifically on higher volume of repetitions and time domains. You will be scaled appropriately according to your FITness and athletic ability. Your breath and mental attitude is key to maximizing all of the benefits of this class.